VIVIFY is an innovative beauty lab that specializes on scientific Cosmetology and medical aesthetics. What makes Vivify Beauty Salons special is our experience on Dermatology, Beauty, Plastic Surgery, Scientific Dieting, Skin and Body Treatments and Epilation. Our constant training and in depth knowledge in any new treatment and technology is what ensures our services to you are excellent at all levels.

The most modern beauty treatments are based on your personal needs: skin firming, wrinkle treatments, lifting, treatments for flawless skin; nutrition and diet, body firming, localized fat treatments, lipolysis, cellulite treatments, weight loss; painless epilation, blonde and white hair removal.

Our four wonderful beauty salons in Athens and Thessaloniki make your beauty experience even greater! Because this is where the most innovative scientific methods are customized to fit your own needs, in order to transform each treatment into a delightful and unforgettable beauty experience at VIVIFY.


WE, at VIVIFY, believe that beauty is not a matter of luck; it is a matter of choice.